Welcome in all Love to connecting with All That Is and……

We, Nying, are of Light & Love and We channel Our energy through Rose of Love, Rosanne, in the expressions that can be absorbed by Mother Earth, Humanity and All her Beings.

As We all transition into and experience this moment of Mother Earth, Humanity and all Her Beings “stepping into love”, We now open The Way of Love into global consciousness.

As you all “step into love” ALL is changed. All is all beings, on all worlds, in all Universes  and… This is the co-creation in which all participate and in which Mother Earth, all Her Beings and most particularly, all Human Beings have called into being with your hearts and souls, your choice and intention.

We thank you in all Love.

As you “step into love” you consciously and manifestly take your place in the Galactic Community of the First Vibration of Love.

We are beyond infinite joy to participate in this divine opening with All.

We thank you in all Love.

Welcome in all Love to The Way of Love.

Nying, through The Way of Love, has been offering this very simple and ineffably powerful way to release all that is experienced as ‘not love’, and, to open to love. Each of us can do this only in our selves. With Nying’s energy, in word form and through direct transmission, those of us who have opened to The Way of Love have experienced the profound and transcendent unfolding into our “self”, into joy and peace and now into love.

I, Rosanne, Rose of Love invite you to gather with Nying and open to The Way of Love.

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