Welcome in all love to all who wish to open with Us. We thank you in all love.

Now that so much of the invested energy held in fear about the changes regarding the planetary alignment has dissipated We, Nying, wish to offer the following. This may be of resonance to those who choose to connect in this way.

All that is manifesting in the co-creation is love. The planetary alignment that was manifest in December 2012 was infusing All That Is including human beings. Whether conscious of this or not conscious of this – this energy infusion has taken place. It is your choice (whether you do: how much you do; how you do;) to open consciously to the possibilities that this has potentiated.

We say again – “All is love”.

You can participate fully with your intention to co-create love – in love. Or you can participate partially with your intention focused consciously on an outcome or outcomes you decide. Or you can choose to deny any possibility or experience of this and unconsciously co-create whatever it is that is most energised in your thinking. Or degrees of the above.

What you choose manifests your reality, your experiences and your reactions to your experiences. This is how life does life.

We offer this to you in all love. We thank you in all love. We love you.


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