The Elephant in my Consciousness – and what Love has got to do with it

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TheElephant7Our elephant is our greatest blessing. It feels like our greatest curse. We do not want it. We do everything we can to NOT recognise it.  We give it such power that it permeates every experience we have.

In this book Rosanne shows us how to welcome our elephant, thank our elephant and love our elephant because our elephant is our way home to ourself.

Our elephant is our way to come to love.

  • Finish living with your uncontrollable emotions and addictive behaviours.

  • Finish your fear-filled daily struggle.

  • Come to live love in peace, joy and ease.

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About the author – Rosanne Forde

371127-879474-132x99-RosanneauthorpicRosanne is presenter and facilitator of The Way of Love, teacher and therapist. She guides and facilitates, with Nying’s channelled guidance, individuals and groups, of children, teenagers and adults. She presents The Way of Love with the teachings and meditation from Nying each month on She also presents on blog radio at blog Her heart and soul’s choice is to live this life in love and to offer to all, this simple and profoundly transformative way to come to live love so that we may all co-create our lives and our world in love.

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