I am feeling a little…well… a medium bit…of anxiousness. I feel lovely and comfortable staying hidden. It’s an illusion of safety, I know… but….comfort is so seductive.

So, here goes.

The Way of Love is the focus of my life. I, and ┬ásome wonderful soul-friends have been practicing opening to love for over a decade. It sounds so airy-fairy, flimsy, divinely namby-pamby (whatever that means! Feels appropriate in the mouth). Well, it’s bloody hard. You try staying out of your mind, and no pun intended!

We are so practiced at our mind directing everything (or so we think!) that to NOT do this is, as I said before, bloody hard. So why do it? This goes against every ounce of common-sense/ science/ experience/ etc/etc we believe in. This all started after I stopped trying to shut up Nying who have been opening me to ….. LOVE! Sounds wonderful. Not for me. I wanted them gone for as long as I can remember. Anyway, after a series of life events, blah, blah, I finally choose to open.

And here I am- Publicly blogging about it!

So what we are doing is practicing choosing to live love over the next 36 weeks. We are doing this in 12 areas of focus for 3 weeks in each area. The first one is health. This is Not goal setting.. Goal setting is all about outcomes which are mind-made choices. For each of us this is about consciously in “my” heart choosing the QUALITIES I wish to live. Thus it is not about losing 25 pounds or dropping my cholesterol to such and such or getting more muscular or any other goal. This is opening to a “not-yet-consciousness developed expansion” that we still call miraculous and access only spontaneously and unthinkingly. This Art of Living Love is about consciously practicing miracle-making living.

This is not about making $25 million dollars each year or having the body of a supermodel or professional athlete or any other comparative-driven measurable outcome. This is about living love. And I have NO IDEA what that means! Horror! Horror! How can I share such non-measure-able (thus non-provable!) drivel! And with ….. and !!…and -!

It is not understandable for the mind. We are just starting to language it and as our collective experience living this expands so will our “languaging”

This practice is experience experience! It is not predictable experience with history and expectation. The experience of living Opening to Love has changed my life beyond all that stuff (model body, millions of dollars etc). I experience peace beyond understanding, joy, gratitude, non-judgement, beyond-mind awareness, none of which is event predicated or attached to any effort or intention to enter such states. I choose in my heart to love and nothing else.

Now I am doing this practice of The Art of Living Love with my friends for 36 weeks where we are all focusing on these qualities we each choose to experience in our living. All this intentioned opening to love!

Let’s do it!

Love allways. Rosanne


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2 Responses to The Art of Living Love

  1. Brigitte Mead says:

    Hi Rossane….
    That was beautiful…..
    This is my first time blogging!!!
    I am very inspired and am so happy to be on this journey….
    I feel very peaceful….
    Thank you.
    Lots of love Brigie xxxxx

  2. Brigitte Mead says:

    Good morrning Rossane!!!!
    I have caught up and read all your blogs this morning and feel very peaceful….
    Since Sunday I am practising and practising and feeling very alive!!!
    I wonder if you got my message yesterday???
    Thank you, thank you and all my love… xxxxx

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