Hi. This is so definitely an ongoing opening to all that IS. So often I find myself going back to my “mind tools”… my past experiences. my habits of deciding on the PAST, or projecting into the “Hopes for the future”. All of this coloured or infused with my still held fears. Practising and practising and….. to stay out of my mind and be in my heart, my intention love and choosing to consciously co-create love, in love with All That Is. When I do go to my heart everything flows so peacefully and what manifests is so …… OK!!!!  And it is all love. That is so excellent. No use judging. I have no ideas what, why or how the whole All That Is  is choosing but I certainly want that rather than my limited, fear-infused choices.

It is so easy to be this way. My mind and my “importantness” self still try to take over. And when that is my choice….Yikes!! it is so effortfilled and so uncomfortable AND it really doesn’t work.

This energy now feels so powerfully clearing. What a gift this is and so full of blessings.  The opportunities are so clearly presenting to open to choosing love instead of fear in all its guises. And All is love!!

Thanks All. Love all ways,  Rosanne


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