I have been tribulating over the past few days driven by feelings of opening deep within my being – my body viscerally and my heart yearningly. The questions – what use is The Way of Love? What purpose is it serving in these times we are experiencing now of tremendous adulation of the ego and the glutinous delight that “what I want” is THE TRUTH and justifies the actions that advantage ME. Along side this, we see the anxious -filled abdication of self respect and self responsibility with the desperate sacrifice of self to models of financial and media success.

It feels that we are experiencing with jarring impact personally and globally all of our distorted beliefs of separation and domination as we are applying our very limiting value/judgement model of “this is how it is”.

Thus now, we are getting to experience directly and clearly that life is about our “flat earth” beliefs because that is the way it has always been, and hold on grimly. Or we can choose to open to the possibility that it may be a “round earth” experience and be willing to play with what may unfold from this.

So, what is The Way of Love offering us in these fraught times? It offers a possibility of living in a completely new way. Choosing love consciously in each moment opens to “without mind”. This goes directly to consciousness accessed only through the heart. The mind is left in its actual function of being the TOOL of consciousness. Doing this allows for a new experience of living. There is peace. There is joy. There is wonder at what unfolds with no “efforting” on our part. It is the miracle stuff of living. It is in the qualities of living that we are experiencing love in our lives not in the things.

None of this satisfies the mind and its accumulating countable things. Love fills the heart with love and with joy and peace and gratitude and fun and appreciation. Not countable. Ineffable.

Does love change the world? I don’t know. (We do know something has to change.) What I can say is that practicing choosing love has changed my life and is continuing to do so in these miraculous, mysterious ways. Imagine if every person on this earth practiced choosing love?






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