Welcome, Welcome, Welcome in all love. We thank you for opening with Us in this way. We wish to communicate with you about love in action in your living.

All beings are living their unique selves in full expression. As human beings, you have been experiencing and experimenting with your mind for thousands of years. Your minds are so dominated by fear that all that presents in your conscious awareness is filtered through each individual’s unique “colour” of this unbalanced distortion. As increasing numbers of you are becoming aware of the effects of this distortion in your selves and your lives, you are opening to, and searching for ways to clear and release this and come to a way of living and being that is in peace, love and joy. This great change that is manifesting is the shift from the mind to the heart as the seat of consciousness.

No matter what is presenting, or how it is presenting We offer the perspective of the heart, of love; that this is a gift, a present. This is an opportunity for you to experience this “event” and observe your reaction which displays your emotion/s. Now you can recognize what energy you are holding. You can now choose what it is you wish to experience. You can choose to experience fear or love.

How can you do this? How can you choose ‘anything” in the throes of your reaction? You have been doing your same reaction for thousands of times….no practice now required! We say to you, ‘practice’. Practice a different way. We offer a very powerful and profoundly simple practice which moves you from your head to your heart.


G0 to your heart             (put your hand over your heart)

Set your intention to love             (your intention is your most powerful tool)

Open to ALL THAT IS, the CO-CREATION              (have no outcome or idea of what it is you want)

Give thanks in all love

We invite you to practise and practise and begin to experience the miraculous shift from fear to love.

We thank you in all love


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