Weekly Gatherings

Sundays at 4pm, New Zealand time.

Thursdays at 7.30pm, New Zealand time.

Gatherings unfold  – with word download from Nying – with an energy transmission from Nying – discussion follows

These are streamed on this site.

Joining Togethers

With Nying and Rosanne, Rose of Love.

This is a powerful, interactive and life-changing two day Gathering.

During these two days you will be guided and facilitated by Nying and Rose of Love, Rosanne. You will come to recognise the fear that is underlying and infusing your choices. You wil be given a very simple and powerful practice to clear your fears. Then you will be guided to your heart and given a beautiful practice to open to love.

Sacred Space of Love: “Self” Reveals

With Nying and Rose of Love, Rosanne.

Come home to your “self”. A two and a half day residential sacred time to open to all that you are.

During this sacred time you are held in the energy of Divine Beings of Light and Love.

Along with the specific energy transmissions from Nying as you open to your “self” the meditations, practices and energy transforming rituals bring you home to your “self”.

We, Nying and Rose of Love, Rosanne, offer this “Self” Reveals Sacred Space for the first time.

Upcoming retreat – December 14/15/16 – this event is fully booked.


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